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If you popped in to learn something about me and my work, welcome! There's surely something valuable to find, however, I'm a bit mischievous. Case in point, the button below.

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What I do best

I design public artworks that precipitate moments of connection, expression, and catharsis. I create them with  inspired collaborators, high-impact organizations, and innovative partners.

What I'm great at

Wild imagination for creation of all kinds.

I have donned many titles. Artist, creator, designer, author, producer, and teacher to name a handful. While artist is a mantle I wear most, my learnings from enumerable failures and hard won successes have led me to be

A list of things you can hire me to do in no particular order.

Installation Design
Education Program Design
Audio Production
Social Media Strategy
Live Streaming
Public Activations
Digital Worldbuilding
Creative Strategy
Content Creation
Community Building
Leadership Development
Exhibition Design
Creative Coaching
Experience Design
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What should we make?

Let’s work together to build something great.

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